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Born in Morocco, Paul has always travelled and built up his professional career in the construction industry working in France, Venezuela and Portugal. As encounters and projects go, he created a dive center in 1994 that became the reference in the Baleares Islands. With this business flourishing, he then wanted to see whether the lagoons were bluer farther away. Naturally, he became interested in French Polynesia and bought the Bathys Moorea Dive Center in 2006, created by Bernard Begliomini. He opened other Bathys Dive Centers in late 2007 with Bathys Tahiti, rising from the ashes of Aquatica Dive Center. Then Bathys Bora Bora was opened at Intercontinental Thalasso. Finally, he bought the TOPDIVE Dive Centers of Bora Bora, Rangiroa and Fakarava in 2009 and 2010, as well as the travel agency e-Tahiti Travel. The Te Ava Nui Dive Center of north Fakarava joined the group in early 2011, with the construction of a new dive center in compliance with the quality standards of the Topdive group. An autonomous dive base is then created on Motu Penu, in the immediate vicinity of the Tetamanu pass, south of Fakarava. And end of 2012, Gille Petre, creator of the Blue Nui Dive Centers, no longer able to continue his beautiful path, Paul buys the dive centers of Bora Bora and Tikehau.
These 12 dive centers are now called TOPDIVE and they propose quality services (French State-graduated instructors and Polynesian dive masters, sales assistant on duty at the reception of all centers, Polynesian captains driving boats all designed for scuba diving and finally, of course, free Nitrox to improve divers’ safety.
Obviously, Paul, an instructor himself, is first and foremost an incredible diver, with more than 3500 dives on record ! He was lucky to discover the marine life of Ibiza, Caribbean, Galapagos, Red Sea, Maldives, Florida, … Never stopping, he always looks for a new challenge, a new occupation, a new success to achieve. The future of the travel agency is thus in good hands!
His favorite island: South Fakarava for its incredible dive spots and unspoiled nature
His favorite Polynesian dish : chicken fafa (a local Spinach)



From Polynesian origins, Dany Panero holds a master degree in Tourism.
In 1994, Dany joined Tahiti Tourisme (an influent public body in charge of the promotion of the destination). Within Tahiti Tourisme, she first managed the public relations department team before being appointed General Manager in 2002. This position she held until 2010. This long-lasting experience of the promotion of Tahiti and Her Islands brought her invaluable knowledge of the inbound markets and a solid experience about how to expertly promote the destination from a technical point of view, along with how to efficiently advertise in parallel to promotional actions.
After opening a training center in 2012 and being a marketing consultant until end of 2015, Dany made the decision mid-2016 to return to her “first love” (tourism) and joined E-TAHITI-TRAVEL. She was appointed General Manager at the end of 2016.
Dany is a destination expert and despite her many years serving local tourism, she is still passionate about Tahiti and Her Islands. Dany is fully devoted to the expansion of Polynesian tourism. Also, she strongly believes: 1) That the diversity of our products needs to be made known and promoted to both better serve the local tourism microeconomy and to offer the largest range possible in products. 2) That if they can actually see and buy everything we have to offer, clients will not only come and see us but return to Tahiti. 3) That the e-business is the most appropriate way to best demonstrate the diversity of our products worldwide. 4) That the negotiation “business to client” without any intermediaries definitely enables significant price optimization.
Dany’s favorite island is Tetiaroa and her favorite dish is: Well… it is a long list… Actually, Dany loves them all…


General Manager

Determined to change her life, Maryline left her native Haute Savoie for Tahiti in 2004.
Even though she has never worked in tourism, since she speaks fluent Spanish and English, she quickly integrated the local tourism industry and found her calling.
She fell very quickly “in love with the islands”, as she is pleased to say!
Passionate about Polynesia, its inhabitants and its culture, she travels from island to atoll in search of new experiences and likes to share them with clients, colleagues and close ones.
For her, the diversity of landscapes, accommodations, excursions to be found in Polynesia allows for travel experiences to meet everyone’s expectations. Maryline remains convinced that any person setting foot in our territory, cannot leave without being fascinated by the Polynesian “Mana”.
Her favorite island: Moorea for its bays, mountains & lagoon
Her favorite Polynesian dish: Teahupoo shrimps with coconut milk

Maryline MERCIER

Product and Sales Manager

Herald became a travel consultant by curious coincidence.
He had originally decided on an English teaching career, and left for the United States to perfect his English. He lived in San Diego (USA) from 2004 to 2006, during which, he worked as a travel consultant for a travel company. From that moment on, he found his passion. Back to Tahiti in 2006, Herald worked for a well-known local travel agency, obtaining in-depth knowledge of the Polynesian tourism market through various relationships.
Since December 2011, Herald works at eTahiti Travel, and counts as one of our travel consultants, specialized in English-speaking clients. Every call received by Herald, is a real linguistic experience.
His favorite island: Tubuai, representing many pleasant memories, where he used to spend his childhood with his grandparents.
His favorite Polynesian dish: Ipo. He likes to eat this traditional bread with coconut milk.

Herald NANAI

Sales Supervisor, Travel Consultant

Sophie is a native from the South of France, notably Toulouse.
When she was 6 years old she traveled to Kenya and discovered amazing culture and landscapes that remain engraved in her memory. Her love for travel and nature was born.
In order to combine her work and her passion, she studied tourism and hospitality management specializing in luxury catering. She began her career in a famous Parisian Palace, Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris.
She arrived in French Polynesia in 2013 and fell in love with the island of Moorea. She decided to settle there, thus new adventures began!
With a keen desire to share her love of Tahiti and Her Islands, Sophie will have the pleasure in organizing your future dream trip.
Her favorite island: Huahine, for its luxuriant nature, the contrast of color and its cultural authenticity.
Her favorite dish: Poisson cru, Polynesian raw fish salad with coconut milk, especially on Sundays.


Travel Consultant

Born and raised in Moorea, Tahiti’s sister island, Mateata is a beautiful blend of two cultures.
With an Australian father and a Tahitian Mother, she has always identified herself as a true citizen of the world.
After completing her studies, she decided to work in the tourism industry, putting her bi-cultural assets to good use. She worked for four years in a 4-star hotel in Moorea as a receptionist.
With a keen desire and cultural pride to offer more to visitors, she joined the E-Tahiti Travel team as a full-fledged travel agent and she will be very pleased to help you design a customized trip to our beautiful islands.
Her favorite island: The Island of her birth, Moorea where her heart belongs
Her favorite Polynesian dish: Mahi Mahi with vanilla sauce


Travel Consultant

Born in Africa and back to France at the age of 10, Audrey grew up with a thirst to discover the world. After studying at a hotel school, she worked in many luxury hotels in the UK, USA, and Polynesia where she participated in the opening of the Four Seasons Bora Bora in 2008.
Audrey discovered diving and succumbed to the fascination of the extraordinary marine life. In Fakarava and in Rangiroa, alongside her companion, a passionate scuba instructor, she became involved in the Topdive Dive Centers located on the two atolls. She assisted effectively and advised divers from around the world.
After 6 years in the Tuamotu atolls, she joined the agency to share her knowledge of the islands and diving in Polynesia.
Her favorite island : Fakarava for its diversity and coral
Her favorite Polynesian dish: Korori (oyster muscle) carpaccio


Travel Consultant

Born in the Philippines, she spent her weekends and summers at her parents’ seaside hotel specializing in nautical sports. With her parents, she started scuba diving at a very young age and became a PADI certified dive master at 18. She is passionate about travel and she likes learning about new cultures and meeting people from around the world. English is her native language and it has allowed her to visit various countries like Chili, Thailand, Japan, most of Western Europe, Canada and the US – notably where she obtained her MBA. She discovered French Polynesia and finally settled in Tahiti in 1990, working in various areas such as English translation and tourism. She is now part of the e-Tahiti Travel team as a travel consultant specializing in scuba diving since August 2011. With 400 dives under her belt and knowledge of the Topdive centers, she will be pleased to answer any questions regarding any diver’s travel and diving needs.
Her favorite island: Fakarava, because of its wild beauty and its incredible marine life.
Her favorite Polynesian dish: Eina’a fritters. This local snack is prepared with little fish fried, traditional of the islands called Eina’a.


Travel Consultant

Moira is passionate about travel and foreign cultures. After her communications degree in the audio-visual sector in Paris, she moved to Huahine in 1994, a quiet island part of the Leeward Islands of Polynesia. There she met her future “tane” (husband). She naturally turned to the tourism sector, having worked for the Tourism Office, hotels and excursion companies. In 2003, she worked for Air Tahiti (domestic airline) and Air Tahiti Nui (international flagship airline). Thus armed with a wealth of knowledge and an obvious taste for travel, this Irish gal joined our team. You cannot be in better hands for organizing a more pleasant stay in French Polynesia.
Her favorite island: Her beloved Huahine for its authentic beauty and simplicity.
Her favorite Polynesian dish: She loves “fafaru ature”. This local meal is made with fish marinated in seawater. It smells like an overipe cheese with an “unforgettable” taste…


Travel Consultant

Lauriane is passionate about French Polynesia for more than 10 years.
Following her mother’s professional transfer to Polynesia, Lauriane arrived in Tahiti in 2004 for the first time. She seized the opportunity to travel around the islands and very quickly fell in love with the wonders of Polynesia.
She studied tourism in La Rochelle, France and has always been motivated by her desire to return permanently to French Polynesia. Having taken a liking to travel, she decided to do all her internships abroad in order to discover other cultures, and be enriched by new experiences, traveling through Bali to the United States, Europe, etc.
It is during her last year that she decided to return to Tahiti to do her last internship at the Manava Pearl Beach Resort in Moorea as a receptionist.
To validate her diploma, she returned to France, and joined a travel agency specializing in Polynesia to keep a foot in Tahiti despite the 18 thousand kilometers separation!
It is after almost 2 years in Paris that Lauriane was finally able to return to the Fenua and joined e-Tahiti Travel team to make her Polynesian dream come true for future travelers.
Her favorite island: Without hesitation, Maupiti for its natural beauty and its lovely population.
Her favorite Polynesian dish: Sashimi (raw tuna slivers on a bed of cabbage, accompanied by sauce and rice)

Lauriane OLUNCIK

Travel Consultant

Born in Toulon, Maeva grew up between Rangiroa and Tahiti in the course of her studies and at the heart of her family. Wanting to master Mandarin, she left for Paris where she undertook Foreign Language Studies and Oriental Civilizations and then validated her BTS Tourism degree back in Tahiti. She joined Air Tahiti where she held various positions always in customer relations, and specialized in the discovery of the islands and hidden Polynesian paradise. For personal reasons, Maeva returned to live on the atoll of Rangiroa where she renewed her bonds with her family living on this coral ring for thirty years. After several jobs in pearl farming, tourism and trade, she spent five years as a front desk manager at a hotel on site. Needing a new challenge, she returned to Tahiti to join the e-Tahiti travel team and started a new adventure.
Her favorite island: a particular affection for Rangiroa.
Her favorite Polynesian dish : the famous local “poisson cru” or raw fresh Tuna fish with coconut milk.


Travel Consultant

Fascinated since childhood by nature and the great outdoors, Melanie has always had a taste for travel. In 2012, she moved to Australia with a working Holiday Visa. Wanting to see more, she extended her trip to New Zealand. Before coming back, she came to visit her cousin living in Tahiti. She immediately fell in love with the landscape, people and lifestyles in French Polynesia and 3 years later, she even organized her honeymoon in these idyllic islands.
Back in France, she shared her passion for the destination working as a travel agent specializing in French Polynesia for a few years but, quickly the sweetness of life and the authenticity of these islands will be missed. Now back in Tahiti once again, she will be delighted to plan your dream vacation.
Her favorite island: Tahaa, wild and enchanting, it is a beautiful gem!
Her favorite Polynesian dish: The famous raw fish with coconut milk


Travel Consultant

Born in Ukraine, Liudmyla was always passionate about ocean. Six years ago her dream came true and she moved to the country of endless summer and blue lagoon.

Liudmyla was fascinated by lands capes, culture, the way of life and people, that were realy new and different to her. She started to share her impressions in a personal blog, that became popular very fast. People started contacting her for a pièce of advice, for à help in organizing holidays or éven for guided excursions. Very Naturally tourisme entered in her life and little hobby turned to à profession of travel consultat.
Her favorite island :Tikehau -the Island of pink sand.
Her favorite dish : Crayfish on BBQ


Travel Consultant

Born in Tahiti and raised in two beautiful cultures, Rachel was always passionate about travel.
Eager to improve her language skills, she left to study in New Zealand, Taiwan, Panama and Spain. With her three-year university degree in Hospitality and Tourism, she acquired professional experiences in both luxury hotels and travel agencies.
Rachel joined e-Tahiti Travel team in July 2016 and will be more than delighted to organize your dream vacation in four different languages (French, English, Chinese and Spanish).
Her favorite island : Moorea, Tahiti’s sister island, for its beauty and its wide range of activities.
Her favorite Polynesian dish : chicken fafa with coconut milk.

Rachel HSIAO

Travel Consultant

Born in New Caledonia and originally from Tahiti, it was normal that a return in Polynesia be to plan during its childhood. To be able to practice foreign languages and passionate of travel, Vaite decided to integrate a catering school.
After 1 year in the United States for an improvement in English, Vaite worked during 20 years for a big luxury hotel chain which allowed her to acquire a work experience as reservations agent to sell better with the essential values of the Hotels mark in Moorea, Huahine, Bora Bora and Rangiroa.

In 2013, Vaite decides to join a travel agency more based in relation with Foreign Tour operators during 3 years. This job also gave her the opportunity to have a better knowledge of the products which French Polynesia can offer as long as hotels, guesthouses and excursionists.

Having joined the Etahiti Travel Team recently and with a good Tourism Experience, Vaite would be delighted to organize a superb stay closer to your expectations.

Her favorite island: Tahiti Iti, more particularly Teahupoo a part of heaven still protected far from the tumults of the city and Tahaa where I spent unforgettable holidays on our magnificent “Motu” (islet).
Her favorite dish: The raw fish “Taioro” and the fishes of the Lagoon on BBQ.


Travel Consultant

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