Dream Yacht Charter

Details & Services

DYC is an international company with locations in 47 countries including Tahiti. Dream Yacht Charter features 21 boats with 15 catamarans and 6 monohulls in Tahiti. The boats can be chartered either crewed, cabin or bareboat. The base is located in Raiatea however the boats can be positioned to leave from Tahiti or elsewhere.

Crewed Charters
Three catamarans can be crewed with skipper/guide and hostess/cook. Each catamaran measures 18.9m in length. They are equipped with 6 double beds and bathrooms allowing for up to 12 guests. The crewed charters are the pinnacle of all-inclusive luxury. Sit back and relax – your crew is there to fulfill your every need with a professional captain/guide and personal hostess/chef.

Cabin Charters
Rent a cabin with your own private bathroom, just as you can on a cruise ship. Instead of a thousand new acquaintances, you’ll just have a few new friends. The professional crew manages the sailing, and a gourmet chef prepares your meals.  The catamaran’s shallow draft allows for entrance to private anchorages and special snorkeling spots. Standard itineraries can be as short as 4 days/3 nights or up to 11 days/10 nights.

Bareboat Charters
18 boats – 12 catamarans and 6 monohull – are available for bareboat charter. The boats are equipped with 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms up to 6 cabins and 6 bathrooms. If you have sailing experience, then a bareboat charter is definitely for you. If you are unsure of your sailing abilities, or want the knowledge of a local skipper, you can hire a professional captain at a daily rate, then continue on your own when you feel comfortable. A chef can be hired also to cook all your meals. The Dream Yacht Charter team collaborates with you to curate that perfect itinerary.


Customized Itinaries

Boat category : 
Sailing catamaran

Cruise duration :
Customized Itinaries

Number of cabins :
4 – 6


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