About us

Maeva i Tahiti, welcome to Tahiti :-))

Managed by a staff living in Tahiti, e-Tahiti Travel is an inbound travel agency authorized by licence n°0018 of March 03, 2003 delivered by the Ministery of Tourism & Transports of the Government of French Polynesia.

Though welcoming visitors is a strong tradition in Tahiti, we believe that the success of your vacation can not rely on tradition only. It also requires a high level of travel expertise and a true knowledge of the destination. To deliver the quality of service one may expect, we have developped strong links with all our providers and the members of our team have been strongly trained to sell Polynesian travel services over the Internet while focusing primarily on customers satisfaction.

We are truly dedicated in helping you organizing your next vacations in our paradise and we will always do the utmost to provide you with the most up-to-date information, advice and assistance for the best possible travel experience.

1. Our Commitments

  • Expert advice
    Since 2002, our team of Tahiti specialists has been at your service to offer you personalized advice for your vacation to our islands.

    In contact by email or phone, your travel consultant will assist you in organizing the perfect customized package according to your wishes and budget.

    Who can better give you more accurate and up-to-date information than a team based in Tahiti throughout the year?

  • Reliability
    You can book your trip with us safely and with the same guarantees as a US travel agency.
    e-Tahiti Travel is an authorized travel agency. Our travel agency licence (#0018 - March 03, 2003) has been issued by the Ministry of Tourism & Transport of the Government of French Polynesia.
    We are also an affiliated IATA member (International Air Transport Association), Tahiti Tourisme and to SPTO (South Pacific travel association).
    The company is also a Registered Seller of Travel with the state of California (registration #2107899).
    For your security, all your credit card payments are processed on a SSL secured website (paybox)

    Since 2002, we have served thousands of travelers in organizing their vacations to our islands. Rest assured, you can safely book your Tahiti vacation with our travel agency.

  • Quality services - our personal recommendations
    With our careful selection of respected hotel establishments, we propose only the best tried-and-tested accommodations. We regularly visit each hotel and resort in order to give our clients the most up-to-date information.

  • Exceptional rates
    In 10 years, we have established strong relationships with our partner hotels, airlines and excursion operators in French Polynesia. Our rates are negotiated directly with all our partners so we can therefore offer you the best prices for your Tahiti vacation package.

  • 24/7 Personalized Assistance
    Upon your arrival at the Tahiti airport, you will receive your travel documents and an itinerary with our 24/7 emergency phone number. Need to change a flight? Looking for a good restaurant in Tahiti? or advice on the best excursion in Bora Bora?

    Our Tahiti based team remains on-call to serve you with no time difference to consider during your trip.

2. Location

Our office is located on the 5th floor of the Te Hau Nui Building, Papeete (Tahiti). Thanks to this, we remain at your service during all your stay in Tahiti in case you need further assistance, recommendations or to request an itinerary change.

Wouldn't you appreaciate to be just a local phone call away from your travel agent ?

3. Opening hours

  • Monday - Thursday : 08:00 to 12:00 & 13:00 to 17:00
  • Friday : 08:00 to 12:00 & 13:00 to 16:00
  • Saturday : 08:00 to 12:00 & 13:00 to 16:00
  • Sunday : closed (emergency phone number available 24/7)

4. Company profile

Name : e-Tahiti Travel
Capital : 10,000,000 xpf
Status : S.A.R.L (Limited parnership)
Owners :
(since 03/12/2010)
Paul & Solange RAMOS
Registered : Registry of Commerce of Papeete - Tahiti
RC : 8836 B / N° TAHITI : 626655
Headquarters Te Hau Nui building (5th floor)
Rue de l'ecole des Freres de Ploermel
PO Box 42692 - 98713 Papeete
Tahiti - French Polynesia
Phone : +689 40 83 51 60
Fax : +689 40 83 61 94
Email : info@etahititravel.com
Licence : N° 0018 of March 23, 2003.

5. Our team

Herald NANAI – Travel consultant

Herald has become a travel consultant by curious coincidence.
He was originally decided on an English teaching career, and has left for the United States to perfect his english. He has lived San Diego (USA) between 2004 to 2006, during which time, he worked as a travel consultant for a travel company. From that moment on, he found his calling. Back to Tahiti in 2006, Herald worked for a well-known local travel agency, obtaining incredible knowledge of the Polynesian tourism market through various relationships.
Since December 2011, Herald has joined eTahiti Travel, and counts as one of our travel consultants, specialized in English-speaking customers. Every call received by Herald, is a real linguistic experience.

His favourite island: Tubuai, representing a bunch of pleasant memories, where he used to spend his childhood with his grandparents.
His favourite Polynesian dish: Ipo. He likes to eat this traditional bread with coconut milk.

Audrey CLEMENT – Travel consultant, scuba diving specialist

Born in Africa and back to the age of 10 in France, Audrey grew up with the thirst to discover the world. Following a hotel school , she worked in many luxury hotels in the UK, USA, and Polynesia for the opening of the Four Seasons Bora Bora in 2008.

Audrey discovers diving and succumbs to the fascination of this extraordinary marine life. In Fakarava and in Rangiroa, alongside his companion, passionate scuba instructor, she gets involved in the TOPDIVE dives centers of these two atolls. She already makes a point assisting effectively and advising the divers who came from around the world.

After 6 years in the Tuamotu atolls, she joined the agency to share the traveler's knowledge of the islands and diving in Polynesia.

Her favorite island : Fakarava for its diversite and its corals
Her favorite Polynesian dish: Korori (oyster muscle) carpaccio

Mary Anne LEOU - Travel consultant, scuba diving specialist

Born in the Philippines, she spent her weekends and summers at her parents' seaside hotel specialized in marine sports. With her parents she started scuba diving at a very young age and became a PADI certified Divemaster at age 18. She is passionate by travel and she likes learning new cultures and meeting people from all around the world. English is her native language and it has allowed her to visit various countries like Chili, Thailand, Japan, most of Western Europe, Canada and the US - notably where she obtained her MBA. She discovered French Polynesia and finally settled in Tahiti in 1990, involving herself in various professions linked to English translation and tourism. She is now part of the e-tahititravel team as a travel consultant specialized in scuba diving since August 2011. With 400 dives under her belt and knowledge of the TOPDIVE centers, she will be pleased to answer any questions regarding any diver's travel and diving needs.

His favourite island: Fakarava, because of its savage beauty and its incredible marine life.
His favourite Polynesian dish: Eina'a fritters. This local snack is prepared with little fish fry, traditional of the islands called Eina'a.

Mateata HUTCHINSON – Travel consultant

Born and raised in Moorea, Tahiti's sister island, Mateata is a beautiful melange of two cultures.
With an Australian father and a Tahitian Mother, she has always identified herself as a true citizen of the world.
Her first name signifies "clear blue sky" in Tahitian.

After completing her studies, she decided to work in the tourism industry, putting her bi-cultural assets to good use. She worked for four years in a 4-star hotel in Moorea as a receptionist. In June 2014, she manned the internet site of Tahiti Excursions that propose activities all over French Polynesia.
With a keen desire and cultural pride to offer more to visitors, she joined the E-Tahiti Travel team as a full-fledged travel agent.

Her favorite island: The Island of her birth, Moorea where her heart belongs
Her favorite Polynesian dish: Mahi Mahi with vanilla sauce

Moira DOWLING – Travel consultant

Moira is passionate about travel and foreign cultures. After her communications degree in the audio-visual sector in Paris, she moved to Huahine in 1994, a quiet island among the Leeward islands of Polynesia. There she met her future ‘tane" (husband). She naturally turned to the tourism sector, having worked for the Tourism Office, hotels and excursion companies.

In 2003, she worked for Air Tahiti (domestic airline) and Air Tahiti Nui (international flagship airline). Thus armed with a wealth of knowledge and an obvious taste for travel, that this Irish gal joined our team. You cannot be in better hands for organizing a more pleasant stay in French Polynesia.

Her favourite island: Her beloved Huahine for its authentic beauty and simplicity.
Her favourite Polynesian dish:
She loves "fafaru ature". This local meal is composed with fish marinated in seawater. It smells like an overipe cheese with an "unforgettable" taste...

Hina DEANE – Travel consultant

Hina was born in Tahiti in a typical polynesian family. Following high-school, she enrolled in Tourism management in New Zealand, where she had the chance to improve her English language skills.
A few years later, she ran a little tour guide agency, in order to help french speaking tourists organize their stay in Auckland. After almost 8 years in Auckland, she decides to leave the land of the long white cloud for Ireland, where she joins the Reservation Services of a very well known, internationally established hotels & resorts chain.

She's back in French Polynesia in 2011, with a strong determination to put her acquired skills into practice. In fact,she becomes employee of one of the most prestigious properties in our world famous Bora Bora, which allowed her to sharpen her expertise of the Tourism field and to better perceive high-end travellers expectations.
Convinced that French Polynesia is one the most beautiful place on earth, Hina will be delighted to advise you and she will carefully handpick choices that will make your special getaway, an ever-lasting memory.

Her favorite island : Tubuai for her simplicity, her breath-taking islets and extraordinary legends.
Her favorite Polynesian dish : Taea (Lagoon fish), prefered grilled on a white sand beach.

Maeva TEROROTUA – Quality controller

Born in Toulon, Maeva grew up between Rangiroa and Tahiti in the course of her studies and at the heart of her family. Willing to master the Mandarin, she left for Paris for Foreign Language studies and Oriental civilizations, then validates the BTS Tourism back in Tahiti. She then joined Air Tahiti where she held various positions always in customer relationship, and specializes in the discovery of the islands and hidden Polynesian paradise.

For personal reasons, Maeva returned to live on the atoll of Rangiroa where she reties links with her family set on this coral ring for thirty years. After several jobs in pearl farming, tourism and trade, she spent five years as a front desk manager at a hotel on site.

Needing a new challenge, she returned to Tahiti to join the e-Tahiti travel team and start a new adventure.

Her favorite island : a particular affection for Rangiroa.
Her favorite Polynesian dish : the famous local "poisson cru" or raw fresh Tuna fish with coconut milk.

Nahema CHAN LIN –Travel consultant

Nahema was born in Tahiti, she spent her holidays travelling with her parents to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and United States of America.

Thanks to these travels, she decided to have a career in the tourism industry. She choose to study in the hospitality and tourism high school in Tahiti.

After she graduated from a bachelor in hospitality tourism, she pursued her course in New Zealand to learn the English language. However, Nahema wanted to return in Tahiti to share her experience and to contibute to the tourism development of her island.

Her favorite island : Huahine for its authenticity and its wild side.
Her favorite Polynesian dish : Pahua curry with coconut milk (sea shell from French Polynesia cook with coconut milk and curry spices).

Rachel HSIAO –Travel consultant

Born in Tahiti and raised in two beautiful cultures, Rachel was always passionate about travel.

Eager to improve her language skills, she left to study in New Zealand, in Taiwan, in Panama and in Spain. With her three-year university degree in Hospitality and Tourism, she acquired professional experiences in luxurious hotels and travel agencies.

Rachel joined e-Tahiti Travel team in july 2016 and will be more than delighted to prepare your dream vacation in four different languages (French, English, Chinese and Spanish).

Her favorite island : Moorea, Tahiti’s sister island, for its beauty and its wide range of activities.
Her favorite Polynesian dish : chicken fafa with coconut milk.

Paul RAMOS – Co-gérant

Born in Morocco, Paul has always travelled and built up his professional carreer in the construction in France, Venezuela and Portugal. As encounters and projects go, he created a reference dive center in the Baleares islands in 1994. This business has been florishing and he then wanted to see whether lagoons are more blue farther.Logically, he got interested in Polynesia and bought the Bathys Moorea dive center in 2006, created by Bernard Begliomini. He spreaded the brand Bathys in late 2007 with Bathys Tahiti, grounded on the Aquatica remains. Then Bathys Bora Bora was created at Thalasso, before the purchase of TOPDIVE dive centers in 2009 and 2010, in Bora Bora, Rangiroa and Fakarava, as well as the travel agency e-Tahiti Travel. The Te Ava Nui dive center of north Fakarava joined the group early 2011, with the construction of a new dive centre in compliance with the quality standards well in use in the Topdive group. An autonomous dive base is then created on Motu Penu, in the immediate vicinity of the Tetamanu pass, south of Fakarava. And end of 2012, Gille Petre, creator of the Blue Nui dive centers, not being anymore in condition of continuing his beautiful path, Paul purchases the dive centers of Bora Bora and Tikehau.

These 12 dive centers are now called TOPDIVE and they propose quality services (French State-graduated employed instructors and polynesian dive masters, commercial assistante on duty at the reception of all centers, polynesian captains driving boats all designed for scuba diving and finally, of course, free Nitrox to improve divers' safety...).

Obviously, Paul, instructor himself, is primarly a very great diver, with more that 3500 dives on his records ! He has the luck to discover the underwater floors of Ibiza, Caraibean, Galapagos, Red Sea, Maldives, Florida, ... Without a stop, he always looks for a new challenge, a new occupation, a new success to achieve. The future of the travel agency is thus in good hands !

Son favourite island: South Fakarava sud for its incredible dive spots and unspoiled nature
Son favourite Polynesian dish : chicken fafa