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Aranui . Archipels Cruises . The Tahiti Twosome . French Polynesia Master liveboard . Paul Gauguin Cruise . Private sailing cruise . Diving cruise in the Tuamotu with Aqua Tiki II . Island Escape cruises


The Aranui is a mixed passenger/cargo cruising between Tahiti and the Marquesas since 2003. Visit this exotic destination with this unique South Pacific adventure cruise.
14 days / 13 nights cruise - From 2,622 USD More Info
11 days / 10 nights cruise - From 4,323 USD More Info
10 days / 9 nights cruise - From 3,938 USD More Info
7 days / 6 nights cruise - From 3,430 USD More Info
Archipels Cruises

Archipels Cruises

  • One of the finest ways to discover Tahiti and its islands aboard a luxurious sail catamaran designed to accommodate up to 8 passengers.
  • A throughout-the-year selection of 4 to 11 days cruises in the Leewards islands or Tuamotu archipelago.
  • The welcome, the high degree of comfort aboard, the hotel service and large program of various activities.

Bora Bora Pearl Dream cruise (4 days / 3 nights) - From 843 USD More Info
Huahine Dream cruise (4 days / 3 nights) - From 908 USD More Info
Rangiroa Dream cruise (5 days / 4 nights) - From 1,120 USD More Info
Blue Lagoon Dream (4 days / 3 nights) - From 864 USD More Info
Bora Bora Dream cruise (8 days / 7 nights) - From 1,511 USD More Info
Atoll Dream cruise (8 days / 7 nights) - From 1,429 USD More Info
Polynesia Dream cruise (11 days / 10 nights) - From 2,249 USD More Info
The Tahiti Twosome

The Tahiti Twosome

A 7-day / 6-night Private Cruise just for 2, along with your own skipper-cook, aboard a 38" Sail Catamaran
The Tahiti Twosome - From 6,841 USD More Info
French Polynesia Master liveboard

French Polynesia Master liveboard

From December 2016, the French Polynesia Master will be sailing in the islands of Tahiti to offer amazing scuba diving cruises on the most beautiful islands to dive in South Pacific.
Fakarava & the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (7 nights) - From 3,726 USD More Info
Tuamotu Archipelago (10 nights) - From 5,160 USD More Info
Marquesas islands (10 nights) - From 6,593 USD More Info
Paul Gauguin Cruise

Paul Gauguin Cruise

Since 1998, the elegant 5-star vessel, the Paul Gauguin offers several cruises in different archipelagos of Polynesia: Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, the Marquesas or Cook Islands. The islands at the "end of the world" that you have long been dreaming to visit will soon be a reality on your next vacation!
The Paul Gauguin can accommodate 332 passengers departing for a vacation paradise and renowned for the warm welcome of its people.

Tahiti and Society islands (7 nights) - From 2,336 USD More Info
Society islands and Tuamotu (10 nights) - From 3,769 USD More Info
Cook and Society islands (11 nights) - From 4,295 USD More Info
Tuamotu, Marquesas and Society islands (14 nts) - From 5,442 USD More Info
Private sailing cruise

Private sailing cruise

Chartering a sailing boat is a great way to discover the island in total freedom whether in couple or with a group of friends.
We propose different options and length of cruises.
Private sailing cruise in the Leeward Islands - From 2,671 USD More Info
Diving cruise in the Tuamotu with Aqua Tiki II

Diving cruise in the Tuamotu with Aqua Tiki II

Cruising aboard the Aqua Tiki II is perfect for divers (and non-divers) who wish to enjoy preserved and secluded atolls.
Comfortably stay aboard the catamaran, enjoy lagoon activities with a professional crew (skipper, instructor and hostess) and discover incredible sites... Choose the duration of your cruise and simply enjoy Paradise !
Aqua Tiki II (6 days / 5 nights) - From 2,118 USD More Info
Aqua Tiki II (9 days / 8 nights) - From 3,388 USD More Info
Aqua Tiki II (11 days / 10 nights) - From 4,235 USD More Info
Aqua Tiki II (13 days / 12 nights) - From 5,082 USD More Info
Aqua Tiki II (15 days / 14 nights) - From 5,506 USD More Info
Island Escape cruises

Island Escape cruises

Island Escape has created intimate voyages through French Polynesia's Leeward Islands.
With only 12 cabins on board, the Island Passage boat will allow you to share an experience outside the usual tourist clich├ęs to Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa and /or Bora Bora. Choose your itinerary and enjoy cocktails as the tropical sun slowly merges with the sea ... Welcome to paradise!
Tahitian Affair (6 days / 7 nights) - From 4,061 USD More Info
Tahitian Affair (9 days / 10 nights) - From 5,426 USD More Info