Honeymoon registry - How it works


After confirmation of your honeymoon package, we offer you to publish on our website a page for your honeymoon registry.

This page includes all the details about your trip so you can send the link to your friends and family to invite them to participate.

See a sample registry page.

To create your honeymoon registry, we need :

  • The date and place of your wedding
  • A picture of the happy couple ;-)
  • A few words from you
  • Your email adress

Every time we'll receive a payment on your honeymoon package, we'll send you an email with the details of this payment (name, amount)


Conditions :
- Minimum amout for payment on a registry is $100
- Your wedding registry will be closed 40 days prior your arrival and the remaining balance will be due in the next 10 days.
- In case of cancellation, see our general terms and conditions.