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Time difference
  French Polynesia (*) is GMT - 10 (10 hours behind the Greenwich Meridian time)
  When it is noon in In Papeete, it is
  Los Angeles 10.00 am
  New York City 07:00 am
  Paris 11:00 pm or midnight
  Tokyo on Tuesday 05:00 am on Monday
  Auckland on Tuesday 02:00 pm on Monday
(*) Do not forget :
Gambier islands are 1 hour ahead of Tahiti
Marquesas islands are 30 minutes ahead of Tahiti
Electricity (voltage)
  Power voltage used in French Polynesia is 220 Volts (60 Hz). Be sure to double-check your appliances compatibility before plugging them in. Converters / adaptors are usually available upon request at your hotel front desk.
"PK" & geographical addresses
  Even in Papeete (Tahiti), very few businesses or individuals have a well defined geographical address with a street number and name. Polynesians use some major points of interest as a referral and then spot the address.

In larger islands like Tahiti, Moorea, locals use 3 parameters to indicate an address :

PK (that stands for “Point kilometer”) + a number
Seaside or mountainside
West or East coast
ex : PK 18.5 / mountain side – West coast

This address would be located on the west coast at 18.5 kilometers away from downtown Papeete on the mountain side. Sea / mountain sides refer to the location of your address compared with the road (there is only one circle island road in Tahiti !). If you are on the mountain side, that means you will need to cross the road to access to the lagoon or the sea.
  The official language of French Polynesia is French but many locals still speak reo ma'ohi, that is to say one of the local languages (reo means language). Besides, many Polynesians speak English.